Sunday 20 March 2011

New Blog for a New Writer

Welcome to my blog.
I'll start off by introducing myself and my blog, and later tonight I'll put up the first entry of the blog proper.

I'm an aspiring author, who is in the process of writing a "fantasy" novel, or series of novels. I'm not really sure which, which will be a topic of a later blogpost I'm sure.
I'll go by my internet name here, which is Mad Iguana for reasons that are (practically) lost in the ethers of time.

In any case, I'll go into a bit more detail about the book at a later date, but as things stand, it is intended to be a novel in three parts / three books / whichever, trying to explore themes of truth, faith, honour, loyalty etc. whilst still (hopefully) being an entertaining read.
In this blog, I hope to do a few things - keep anyone who is interested updated on the progress of the novel, make a few observations about the writing process, and maybe just jot down random thoughts about my other interests: music, technology, family - whatever comes to mind I guess.

If anyone wonders about the blog title, Tínadé is the name of the world in which my novels will be set, so it seemed appropriate. And it was available, which is the most important part!

So, I'll post later with something more formulaic, and we'll see how it goes!!

Take care!

Mad Iguana............

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